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Established in 1936 with support from Vancouver City Hall and Vancouver Parks Board, The Fraser Golf & Country Club is one of the oldest municipal golf course Clubs in Canada.

Currently, The Fraser Golf & C.C. sole responsibility is the management and administration of the daily operations and activities of the newly branded Fraserview Golf Club. The Club is managed by a volunteer Board of Directors elected each year from the Club's Membership base.

The Fraserview Golf Club offers its Members a competitive and unique schedule of weekend tournaments and events commencing April through October of each year. We also incorporate a winter season for a year round experience. The Club, in agreement with the Vancouver Park Board, have reserved “prime” tee times on Saturday and Sunday mornings from 7:30/8:00 am to 9:00/9:30 am.



Established in 1936 with support from Vancouver City Hall and Vancouver Parks Board, the Fraser Golf & C.C. is recognized as a registered non-profit, “Amateur Golf” Men’s Club operating under the rules and regulations of Golf Canada and Golf B.C.

Fraserview Golf Course – termed the “Jewel of East Vancouver” by Vancouver in its early days – initiated and supported Fraser Golf & C.C.  The Club was designed and created as a public service to foster and promote play on the city’s newest public golf course.

The area surrounding the golf course was much different in 1936. There wasn’t any public transportation to and from the golf course and the demographics of the area was a very “modest-living” customer base. Early housing in the area was constructed post-World War II and in order to qualify for a house, a buyer had to be a veteran of the war and have at least two children. In short, it was government assisted housing for the men and women who had served in the war effort.

With the above in mind, City Hall created a plan to attract golfers to their “Jewel.” City Hall and the emerging Fraser Golf & C.C. worked to create an organization utilizing golfers and volunteers from the surrounding area to develop a “Club” that would not only attract more golfers to the course but would provide them with the opportunity to play organized amateur golf under the Rules and Regulations of the Royal Canadian Golf Association (RCGA) – all for a very reasonable green fee. This set the foundation for the course and its future popularity. Moving forward, the Fraserview Golf Course and the Fraser Golf & C.C. have journeyed together to make Fraserview the Jewel of East Vancouver… just as City Hall had hoped.


Today, the Fraser Golf & C.C. / Fraserview Golf Club - is one of the oldest municipal golf club organizations in Western Canada.  It proudly remains committed to the Club’s 1936 mandate and continues to provide organized golfing events played under the rules of the RCGA and at affordable membership rates. The Fraserview Golf Course is now one of the busiest public golf courses in the country and together both the course and the Club are flourishing.

We extend a warm thanks to our forefathers, to Vancouver City Hall, Vancouver Parks Board and to the Fraserview Golf Course Pro Shop for their continued support over the years. And a huge thank you to all the volunteers that continue to make the Fraserview Golf Club what it is a today!

True to its roots, this Club remains a community based, Non-Profit Organization and is very proud of its place in West Coast golf history.

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